The design aesthetics of life

    In the present era, we should pay more attention to the relationship between design and human in the process of designing the people-oriented. So as a good designer, we should not only focus on the front, the top of the trend of information, but should look back to the life of the common people.

    Which the high tech have the hotel in the future?

    In the eyes of many people, hotel room basically is a kind of: a bed, a TV, and perhaps two bedside cabinets and a bathroom. But in fact, the hotel room is changing with your unexpected speed: they have gradually become modernized, which can meet the needs of the modern traveller, and make more innovations in the future.

    Everyone loves the city needs these devices

    City builders are using these full of humane care of public facilities design, so that we feel the city can also be very warm and close to the construction of reinforced concrete.

    On the importance of the economic value of design

    The concept of economy will become an essential concept in the concept of interior design, but also a good part of a good interior design work.